Trekking is light-paced sportive walks and usually made in groups with the aim of reaching one point to another in nature. Enjoy the trekking in the nature of Izmit with Kartepe Camp!


Rafting is a river sport which is made in high flow rivers with boats called raft. The aim of the rafting is tackle the obstacles while trying to not overturn the raft with directing it with paddles.


Paragliding is an extrem sport which allows to run through the slopes and goes up with parachutes. It is found by the several sporters interested in air sports in early of 1980’s. Enjoy the paragliding with the privilege of Kartepe Camp.

Diving School

Scuba diving and diving are underwater sports which allows to stay under water with or without equipment.

Jeep Safari

You’ll live pleasant and adrenaline-filled off road experience with special jeep safari.

Tent Camp in Forest

Are you ready to spend a night in nature with tent camp in woods?

Horseback Riding Training

Horseback riding is a legacy of ancestors also it’s the cymbol of freedom. You can do it with Lake Tour, Plateau Tour or with other standard options.

Bicycle Tours (Plateau and Forest Trails)

Plateau and Forest Bicycle Tours

Ormanya Wildlife Park Tour

Ormanya Wildlife Park Trip

Darıca Faruk Yalçın Zoo and Botanical Park Trip

Darıca Faruk Yalçın Zoo and Botanical Park Trip

Istanbul Theme Park Trip (Istanbul)

Istanbul Theme Park Trip (Istanbul)

Shopping Tours (Kocaeli - Istanbul)

Shopping Tours (Kocaeli - Istanbul)

Archery Training

Archery’s origin is based on mankind’s hunting days. The aim of archery is send the arrow to the target through a bow.

Truck Safari

You’ll discover the Kartepe Izmit’s all beauty of nature without get tired with our custom made truck safari.

ATV/UTV Safari

ATV Safari one of the most popular outdoor sports of recent years is one of the top choices for adventure and adrenaline enthusiasts. ATV Safari tours which take place at the top of the outdoor sports preferred by those who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and the heavy traffic. You can spend a day with ATV safari tour and take energy.


Zip Line is an activity which you can rope sliding with wearing safety belt within metal rope connected from a high to a low point and with the help of your own weight and gravity. With Zip Line, you’ll have fun!

Giant Swing

The giant swing is not for children, it’s for you with the special made of Kartepe Camp 😉


Paintball is a contest sport which you can join individually or with team. In more general terms it’s a group game where 2 teams play against each other depending on the various scenarios.


Kartepe's high-slope beginner or professional trails which let you ski with the most you like.

Water Ski

Water ski is a popular sport in countries where has environmental conditions such as undulate sea, rivers and lakes. Enjoy the water ski in Kartepe Camp!

Culturel Contests

Various Cultural Contests


Enjoy the canoe with Kartepe Camp!

BBQ Parties

A delicious event in nature!