If you wonder why Camp Kartepe

We really make you loss weight.

You’ll see your mentally and physical change right after 21 days and weekend camps. The most important thing is with our Member Loyalty Program you’ll keep losing weight.

We’ll teach you the tricks how to lose weight easily.

We know you tried lots of ways and diet plans to lose weight. You’ll learn the tricks to lose weight faster and easily with fat burning sports, healthy eating, psychological reasons and sprit of cooperation.

Traveling Istanbul for 4 Days

You’ll travel with a guide in historical places such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Sinking Cistern, Istanbul Bosphorus Tour, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Galata Tower, Maiden's Tower, Taksim (Istiklal Street), Ortakoy, Fener Greek Patriarchate, Chora Museum.

We’re fun and having great time.

The most important fact in success is to love and focus. With those two, we’ll motivate you to have fun. We turn the weight loss camp into a holiday with activities and events such as group contests, rafting, scuba-diving, jeep safari, paragliding, horseback riding, tent camp in woods, archery trainings, hobby activities, cultural activities, cultural travels, open air cinemas.

We care about you.

We don’t care how you look. We feel the importance of making your dreams became true as much as you are. Our purpose is reaching our dreams to make you reach your dreams.

We’re with you after the camp.

Our purpose is to make you keep on weight loss after camp. We keep you in touch with our Member Loyalty Program. We ask about your implements, give advices and encourage you to keep on.

We don’t have age limit.

People of all ages can attend our camp. Our goal is to solve the problems of people from all age groups.

We’re as family.

You become a member of the Kamp Kartepe family from the moment you join the camp. We share all kinds of problems and beautiful memories with each other, and we overcome each issue by getting support from each other.

We Have Experienced and Professional Staff

Kartepe Camp has a Professional staff within doctors, psychologist, dietician, recreation speacialist, spesific trainers for each sport and with other staff. Also, every staff member has a minimum 5 years of experience in weight loss, retreat camp and family camps.

We Bring Lifelong Health Philosophy

All of our work is based on your quality of life that will continue after the camp and make you reach to your goal. So it’s just not for just camp and weight loss, retreat camp or family unity.

We don’t charge extra cost.

All transactions during the camping process are included in the price you pay, so we don’t charge again during the camping process. Extra costs are mainly due to massages, souvenirs, private lessons, special therapies and activities outside the program.

We keep you in touch with social life.

We ensure that you stay integrated with the social life during the camping process. Thus, when you return home after the camp, we eliminate the problem of adaptation to social life.

``No feeling is as good as feeling yourself fit``


If you wonder why the camp environment.

Sprit of Cooperation and Motivation

It is essential to being motivate and focus on whatever you do. So if you do something with cooperation, it’s gonna be more motivational then doing it yourself.

Holiday and Camp Together

Don’t be upset if you miss the holiday. Most of people can’t have this much fun in holidays. You will have progress in your health and you will have an unforgettable holiday with our programs such as Loss Weight, retreat camp and Family Camp.

A chance to discover yourself and life

If you want, you’ll learn to discover yourself, your potential and the beauty of life.

New Friends for Lifelong

The beautiful days you spend in the camp will give you good friendships and unforgettable memories. So, you will have unforgettable memories to talk with your friends.

Camp Creates a Sense of Trust and Independence

Everyone joins to camp environment is just like you with similar topics and for the same purposes. This combination of purpose and result makes you feel free, independent and safe.

Possibility of Solve the Problems Instantly

If you have a problem which you can’t share it with anyone, you will definitely find a specialist in our camp.

Sharing Experiences

People united around the same goal in the camp will improve your opinion by sharing experiences all together.


The relaxed atmosphere, sports and activities will allow you to rest your soul in the nature of Maşukiye.

Those who has natural born beauty of body is lucky but those who work for it are strong!


If you wonder how do we make you loss weight

We search for the reason of your weight.

Before starting the weight loss program, determining your health status and investigating the cause of weight gain will help us to reach a solution. The most effective way to achieve this is to reveal both psychological and physiological reasons under the weight.

We focus on solution

After uncovering the causes of weight, we are implementing a fast and effective solution with therapy methods, diet programs and sport methods.

Psychological Support

You can’t be successful without psychological support while revealing the causes of weight gain and trying to lose weight. Our psychologist will support you with group therapies and trainings while you’re reaching to success.

Proper Healthy Diet Programs

Not every diet is right for you. A full, effective and healthy diet is inevitable with the parameters determined by our doctor and dietician.

We focus on fat burning with sport and training

After determining the parameters, we prepare different programs which you can train and sport effectively.

We increase your motivation and desire with entertainment programs

We surround you with fun activities for you to be comfortable, happy, peaceful and cheerful. We provide a camp experience as good as holiday.

What happens in camp doesn’t stay in camp!

We send you home with knowledge about the tricks of weight loss, serenity and communication skills which you learn in the camp. Our aim is you to internalize what we have taught here and keep implementing in home too.

We keep in touch to control and encourage you.

Our Member Loyalty Program’s purpose is to follow you in your social life after the camp. We learn about your current situation, we encourage you to keep on losing weight and your healthy life philosophy which you’ve learned within our program.

Starting requires desire and courage, not speed and power.


Psychological Support And Therapies which you’ll get in program

Reasons Under Your Weight

Past traumas are the underlying cause of weight problems. Our goal is to find and eliminate this trauma to reach a definitive solution.

Theraphy of Cognitive Behavior

We teach you the perminent weight loss strategies. Our members detect why they eat too much and they develop a special plan to keep on healthy eating in home after the camp.

Stress Management

We identify stress-causes behaviors and habits and develop a plan to deal with them.

Self Monitoring

It is a self-questioning method for changing lifestyle and behavior.

Permanent Weight Loss Strategies

The created methods to make the weight loss permanent after the camp.

Sustainable Healthy Eating Method

It includes application methods on healthy eating habits and consumption of healthy products.

Improving the Abilities of Problem Solving, Self-Confidence and Socializing

You realize what you can do with camp spirit and unity.

Focus on Success

With an environment prepared for you and a team focused on success, you focus on success.

Group Therapies

All psychological therapy and trainings are given as a group. Special therapy is available as an extra.

``Who has no courage always has an excuse.``


About healthy nutrition training during programs

Healthy Life and Foods

The sustainability of human health is directly proportional to the health of the foods she consumes. Our dietician organizes trainings on healthy living and healthy foods.

Meal Planning

You will be informed about the number of meals per day for a healthy live program.

Sufficient and Balanced Diet

Eating food is a need but if you eat to much it becomes a disease. Giving more than the body wants will disrupt the balance of the body. That’s why there’ll be trainings about nutrition.

Need of Energy

It includes the trainings about to boost the energy of body with balanced diets and proper foods.

Healthy Cooking Techniques

Foods need to be cooked correctly in order to benefit the body. We will teach you which food is beneficial with which cooking techniques.

``Don't be surprised anymore by those who succeed, just try harder like them``


If you wonder what’s gonna happen after the camp

You’ll be learnt the tricks

You’ll be learnt the tricks about weight loss, calm the soul and strengthening family relationships.

You’ll go home thin, calm and with improved family relationships.

You’ll go home thin, calm and with improved family relationships according to the type and purpose of our camp programs

You’ll implement what you’ve learned in home as well.

All the information, activities, etc. that you will learn in our camp designed to be applicable in your home. Our philosophy is to improve a lifelong health philosophy.

We’ll stay in touch.

We’ll stay in touch to encourage you to keep on implementing what you’ve learned in camp and make your healthy life sustainable.

We will query your status.

After the camp, we will question what you are doing about healthy living. Being a family requires this 😉

We’ll encourage you to healthy living

We’ll try to encourage you about healthy and happy life with staying in touch and querying.

We’ll motivate you to keep implementing what you’ve learned in camp

We will work to motivate and share the situation in the camp, innovations and life-related issues.

We will make the philosophy of lifelong health continue

No matter what, we’ll work together to avoid wasting time, labor and service.

``It’s never too late to get what you want!``


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Weight Will I Lose in 21 Days?

It ranges from 5 to 15 kg on average. Of course, this varies according to the person's body, weight and fitness. To lose weight at the end of the camp is certain, but our goal is to provide psychological support to keep on losing the weight after the camp.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for participation. anyone in need such as children, teenagers, adults etc. can participate.

Can We Use Cell Phones?

We limit the use of the cell phone but you can use it at rest times.

Why should I come to Weight Loss Camp?

You should come to have fun while losing weight, do the right thing, get the right trainings and create a psychologically sustainable healthy life.

Are women and men all together in every event?

Pool activities and accommodation services are carried out separately. All other activities are held jointly.

What’s gonna happen after the camp ends?

You will be lost weight and learnt the tricks of weight loss through training. You will be able to easily implement the programs you have learned in camp at home. You will also go shopping to buy new clothes :))

What Should I Bring When Coming to the Camp?

Waterproof outdoor sports shoes, Indoor sports shoes, Waterproof hiking pants, Raincoat, Poncho, Swimwear / Shorts, Bathing Suits, Slippers, Leggings, Sportswear, Plenty of T-Shirts and Underwear, Warm and Cold weather clothes ( Gloves, swimming bonnet, shorts, sun oil, hat, etc.), Backpack suitable for daily walking, Medical things that you use, and personal items.

What will prevent us from joining the camp?

Those are with all kinds of diseases that prevent them from doing sports such as high blood pressure, heart diseases etc. These patients can participate in the retreat camp if they wish.